Polish technical translation

Areas of expertise:
  • Household and electrical appliances

  • Consumer electronics

  • Automotive sector

Polish technical translation

Unlock the Polish market with premium translation and writing services

From bicycle manuals to toaster user guides, data sheets on gearboxes and catalogue lists of tools, I’ve got the technical field covered.

What my clients really value is the fact that I can adapt my writing to the plain and clear style that is required for technical translation.

And because I always use the most up to date versions of Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, I can also incorporate glossaries into your translation package.

When it comes to car and electronic manuals, there is just no room for error. CAT tools like Trados make it easier to revise terminology and maintain consistency, even across large projects. They also ensure there are no embarrassing mistakes with numbers, as any inconsistencies are highlighted prior to completion.

Documents I translate:
  • Safety instructions

  • Data sheets

  • Technical specifications

  • Catalogue lists

  • Descriptions of car parts and accessories

  • Information on tools and hardware

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