Polish medical translation

Areas of expertise:
  • Medical instruments and equipment

  • Health care

  • General medicine

  • Pharmaceuticals

Polish medical translation

Unlock the Polish market with premium translation and writing services

According to UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), the Polish pharmaceutical market is the seventh largest in Europe, and predictions are that it is going to keep growing. Now is the perfect time to forge lasting business ties with Poland and cash in on the booming medical industry.

Safety in numbers

I understand that credentials are everything when you’re hiring someone to represent your business. If it helps to put you at ease, to date I have translated over 80,000 words on patient information leaflets alone. That’s a lot when you consider that some of them are only a few thousand words long.

Documents I translate:
  • Medical equipment manuals

  • Clinical reports

  • Market research questionnaires

  • Patient information leaflets

  • Health leaflets

  • Clinical trials

  • Informed consent forms

  • Pharmaceutical documents

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