Danuta Krynicka, English to Polish marketing and technical translator

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Call me nosy or old-fashioned, but I always like to know a bit about the person I’m doing business with.

This is my story.

My love for languages began in 2007 when I was studying for my BA in Linguistics and Information Science at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. It was here that I was first introduced to translation and some of the computer editing skills that I still use in my translation work today.

With some Japanese, English and linguistics under my belt, I went off to study Spanish and English Literature as an exchange student at the University of Barcelona. I was so set on learning Spanish that in under a year of hard work and self-study I was already fluent. Motivated by my success, I carried on working hard in the English and translation classes I attended.

While at university, I worked as a Language Specialist in the Laboratory of Speech and Language Technology in Poznan, where I learnt as much as I could about transcription and linguistic concepts like natural language processing. This gave me a good grasp of how language is structured, which is essential for my writing and translation work today.

As my freelance translation business took off, I started to be sent increasingly complex user manuals and marketing texts by the translation agencies I was working with. Just as had happened with Spanish when I was a student, I let my curiosity get the better of me. I was determined to become a specialist in the fields I translated by reading up all I could about them.

These days, I’m into design, art and new inventions. So industrial design is the perfect way for me to combine my passion for marketing with my background in technical translation.